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Jenny, Katie and Mandy toasting with champagne in coupe glasses

We are are three working millennial moms who feel the struggle of balancing it all! To thrive in all of the chaos, we need each other, and most importantly a MOMS NIGHT OUT!


Hi I'm Jenny! Happily married to Mike. We share three kids: Reese, Maren and Brooks. I'm a marketer working in biotech, with a passion for fashion. I am loyal to a fault, I have a gut feeling that's never wrong and I'm always looking to flex my creative side...and that's why I'm the CMO of a MOMS NIGHT OUT.


Jenny Clifford and her family

Hi I'm Katie! Mom of three to Presley, Leo and Hendrix and wife to John (the man behind the scenes). I'm a commercial real estate broker who specializes in Retail and Restaurants and I always have a LOT to say. I'm the ultimate hype girl who lives by a ride or die attitude, and that's why I'm the CEO of a MOMS NIGHT OUT.


Katie Santarelli and her family

Hi I'm Mandy! I'm a girl mom to Ava and Elliana, a wife to Bryce, and a pharmacist working within drug development. I'm always on the go but wouldn't have it any other way. I'm the most organized person you'll ever meet, and I always have a plan, and that's why I'm the COO of a MOMS NIGHT OUT.


Mandy Foote and her family
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